Betty Jaded Latex swimsuit

Betty Jaded is a model from Florida who was traveling up the East Coast doing shoots and meetups.  I got a random IM from her and was more than happy to oblige for a fetish latex shoot.

I pulled out a metallic blue and white trimmed bathing suit along with this huge transparent latex bathrobe and we headed to Great Falls in Va.

I had her pose on some cliffs and did a shoot in a ravine leading down the the base of the falls.  It was very serene.  Betty and her boyfriend / business partner were both pleasant to shoot with and I wish her the best in her modeling career.

Egrey latex gown

Egrey wearing a fishtail latex fetish gown.

This latex gown, by far one of my favorites.  It fit Egrey like a glove, although it may have been a bit small up top.  The shoot is one of my favorite fetish series.

Egrey was a beautiful young model from Maryland who came with an assistant (which I love).  She and her friend ventured out with on a smoltering hot day into the woods.

There was this abandoned house tucked away just off a major highway.  We parked and scurried into the woods.  Her friend took video of the entire shoot.

I setup and starting snapping – being careful to direct her not to fall through the floor of the burnt down house.  Not one of the smartest things I’ve ever put together, but we all did make it out alive with no major injuries other than a few bug bites.

Lee loo la in latex

Red latex fetish braLee Loo La – I think I’ve got that right, the name came from a character in a Bruce Willis movie.  I’ll have to watch it so I can remember it.  I digress – she was a model from Philly who shot with me a couple times.

After going through this set a couple times I decided to give it kind of a 1970′s retro feel and look in regards to post-color treatment.

Lee was possibly on of the few models who was actually into latex outside of modeling and taking pictures.  She had introduced her boyfriend to it and spoke warmingly of the comfort of a latex bra on a cold winter night when chilling under the covers.

She was a darling to shoot with, and I wish her the best in her aspirations to run her own business and continue growing her modeling career.

The dominatrix

Dominatrix model wearing a long vinyl skirt.

Danielle was a bit of a wild child.  She came from South America and worked as a Dominatrix on the side.  She was also a salsa dancer who gave lessons and sold outfits.  You meet all types.

I think she made have had  a crush on me, because she kept trying to make me her slave during the shoot and then laughed it off as if she was joking.  No idea.

Again, one of my shots from 2005 and very early in my photography – we were trying to make a political statement about the news and media while also using some of my favorite clothing – shiny fetish vinyl.

Lea in latex

Lea lush posing in a black latex skirt.Lea Lush was a model that I came across in one of my postings.  We shot in 2008 and our main goal that day was a video.  These shots were mainly for her portfolio to add some more risque and different shots than she currently had.

Lea had a bodacious body – that’s really the only way to describe it.  We shot on an outdoor basketball court, hence the textured background that you see.

She wore a slicked up retro latex dress in black and white.  Lea was working to put together a group of models for fashion shows and events.  I wish her the best of luck.

Lip Service Vinyl

This photo dates back to 2005.  It was maybe my 7th photoshoot ever.  Girlfriends make for the best practice :)   This was Christy, wearing a black vinyl Lip Service dress and XTC leather crop top.

The boots were also hot – can’t remember the name brand.  Lots of dark luscious fetish vinyl.

Darla Darkling in latex skirt.

Black latex fetish skirt.

Darla Darkling wearing a shiny black latex skirt and matching tank top.  We shot this in the studio after a video session for MJTrends.

I had shot a video tutorial for them on gluing latex sheeting.  Darla was a darling and read the script and acted the part of fetish homemaker :) .