Egrey latex gown

Egrey wearing a fishtail latex fetish gown.

This latex gown, by far one of my favorites.  It fit Egrey like a glove, although it may have been a bit small up top.  The shoot is one of my favorite fetish series.

Egrey was a beautiful young model from Maryland who came with an assistant (which I love).  She and her friend ventured out with on a smoltering hot day into the woods.

There was this abandoned house tucked away just off a major highway.  We parked and scurried into the woods.  Her friend took video of the entire shoot.

I setup and starting snapping – being careful to direct her not to fall through the floor of the burnt down house.  Not one of the smartest things I’ve ever put together, but we all did make it out alive with no major injuries other than a few bug bites.

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